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    You can refer this thread for a solution.




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    My understanding is that this issue only affects your courses IF you are trying to execute some JS code of your own that you have added to Captivate's default code.  So if you haven't modified the Captivate templates or code in any way, then you should be fine.


    Michael (quoted above) ran into this issue because he wasn't using the default Captivate templates for his courses.


    You MUST use the standard.js file for Captivate content to work from a web server environment.  But all of the javascript code required to communicate with the LMS SCORM API code is actually stored in other files.

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    Thanks for your quick reply.


    We have created our own template (with logo, header/ footer, etc.) but we haven't modified any code.

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  • 04/17/13--21:13: Switch to Cp CS6
  • Hi,


    So I'm trying to switch from Cp CS5 to CS6 but am having some issues when I preview slides. See the pics below, and if anyone could tell me why this is happening and how to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. They seem to publish okay (besides all the broken widgets). Thanks.


    Here's what a slide looks like in Cp5...



    And the same slide in Cp6...


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    Source of Adobe captivate CS5.5 installs around 7 versions of VC++.

    I created MSI using AAMEE,  The payload folder (under Build) does not have any MS VC++, also these are not present in exception folder.

    Although main MSI is not installing VC product separately, its installing same DLLs under WinsXS.

    Do we still need to separately install VC++ dependencies while deploying CS application using AAMEE.

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  • 04/17/13--21:50: Re: Switch to Cp CS6
  • Try removing all the widgets.  If they're not going to work in Cp6 anyway, they could well be the reason this is happening.

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    Hi Dale, welcome to the forum,


    How do you want the user experience: having a Next button on each slide, that will pause the slide? In that case Himanshu's solution is the right one, but be sure the pausing (vertical double line in the Timeline is the visual indication of that pause) is after every object has appeared. Timing can be set in the Timing accordion.


    Second possibility: replace the default button by a Shape button. Under the Shapes panel (top icon in the left vertical toolbox) there is a Category Buttons: you'll find the Next button there as well. Advantage of those shape buttons is that you can insert them on Master slides or time for the rest of the project.


    Another possibility: instruct the user to click on the slide to advance, without a button: in that case insert a click box on the first slide and resize it to cover the whole slide. Check its timeline, so that it extends till the end of the slide. You can do that by selecting its timeline and using CTRL-E or by using its  Time accordion. Typical for a click box besides it invisibility to the user is that it pauses right at the end of its timeline.


    Each interactive object can have a pausing point: button, shape button, click box and Text Entry Box.



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    Has anyone come across this problem before: I am unable to save a file (50 slide 120MB file) and am receiving a zip file corruption message when trying to save the file.  I have to crash out of Captivate and restart.  Has anyone come across this before and if so how can it be fixed?


    Russell Taylor

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    If you're trying to save while publishing, it might be a compression issue.


    Try goint to Edit > Preferences > SWF Size and Quality settings and turn off anything related to compression.  Then try again to save/publish.


    Otherwise, is this project file residing on your local PC hard drive or is it on a network drive?

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    Any idea how lomg these things tend to take?


    I have a pretty urgent project that requires the glossary widget to work.


    Failing that does anyone from Adobe want to smooth talk my boss so i dont get in trouble





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    Thanks for this software. I will try trial version of this software.



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    Hi Soumya,


    Have you configured correct answers for your drag and drop interaction? Is it executing the Failure action while submitting an incorrect answer? Failure caption shows up only when the user submits an incorrect interaction.



    Nimmy Sukumaran.

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    You want someone from Adobe to ring your boss and get you off the hook?? I think you might be asking for a little too much here...

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  • 04/18/13--04:29: Timing of effects
  • Hi all,I have a small issue with the timing of effects.


    I'm using entrance and exit effects on most of my objects. For example, I enter a button and display it for 10 seconds. I add en entrance effect of 0,5s. However, if I want to change the duration of a button in a later stage of my project, for example to 6 seconds, then the effect duration will also proportionally decrease to 0,3s. Which mean that I have to manually change it back to 0,5s. This takes up a lot of time for me.


    Is there an option to retain the duration of the added effect when changing the timing of an object?


    Thanks for the help!

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    Some more information that might help some guru out there (hoping...). I have a smart shape submit button that calls an advanced action with 3 lines:

    1. Assign             Q5 with var_Q_temp Executre
    2. JavaScript       Script_Window current
    3. Go to Next      Slide


    The Assign statement gives the value that the JavaScript case statements evaluate. I'm trying to understand if this problem is about syntax, logic, or some quirk in Captivate. I appreciate any light someone could shed.


    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    It was only said in jest... worth a try tho

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    Hi GillianKeisker,


    Thank you for contatcting adobe support.


    Can you please send us the screen shot for the same because its working fine at our end.





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    Hi Harshalkatyar,


    Thank you for contacting adobe support.


    If you have created the package using the standard build of Captivate through AAMEE then by default the package will have the VC++ dependent files in it.


    However if you face any issue while installing Adobe Captivate on the machine on which you want to silent deploy Captivate then please let us know so that we can take care of the issue.





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    thanks for the reply..i was just worried about whether to install VC separately or not..

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    Hi Darren,


    We would send you the updated version of Glossary interaction. Please share your mail id at



    Deepashree B H

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