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    Thank you. I have read this post but given the level of work to rebuild to your suggestion, we need a simpler answer. Looking for a fix that specifically addresses clearing the answers to the quiz properly.




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    I am not against or in favor of any authoring tool but,

    so many times working on captivate i felt like "I am thirsty and to drink a glass of water i need to go to do google, than raise issues in forums, than get into discussion and finally to go through 400 pages book just to find out out one simple thing, how to drink water?" People will prefer to die thirsty if this will remain the same.


    The main purpose behind developing these tool is to make rapid learning, not to make developer commit suicide just to resolve the BUG's of tool.

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    Please, Clean the Preferences in that case. It will even solve the issue if you have ever used two screens.

    Clearing the cache is something different.

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    I'm sorry, but HTML is not always acting as expected, in many ways it is very different from the good old stable SWF output. I hope you find a simple way.

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    Stagprime  wrote


    I am not confused by this at all, really, but the unknown is which slides share the same content and what order they are in. This will affect the logic.

    As such, I have a picture in my head where all the first 30 slides are shared except the end six ones. In this scenario we really only need a couple button tweaks.

    1. At the end of the shared stuff, the next button will need the advanced action for variable check. If the value is zero, they are a non-manager and we take the learner to the end. If the value is one, we just continue to take the learner to the additional manager slides.
    2. The manager button on the intro slide can be an advanced action to set the variable to 1 and go to the next slide.

    The variable can default at zero for the non-manager.

    If the slide path is non-linear, I would need more detail.

    Below is a rough, condensed sketch of my brain.

    If you're feeling leery about using the variable and advanced actions, Rod provides a nice explanation for an alternative.

    Thanks for this info. Unfortunately, I am not at this level of actions within Captivate yet. I am using Captivate 8 at work and Captivate 2017 at home. It's time to come up to speed with advanced actions.


    What makes this even  more difficult is there are going to be quizzes coming up!!!

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    I do not need to leave the playbar. I do not believe you can find that in my previous post.

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    Do I start a new thread? I'm more confused than ever now.

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    In my first answer I told you needed custom buttons, couldn't use the playbar? You answered that you only had Next and Previous buttons. But I'l step away, I totally understand that you are confused, will be easier with two people answering you although I had a full solution ready. Will leave you to the other people helping.

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    Thank you Rod. Right, I used to use two screens at office and will check it next week. I also Cleaned Preferences using the util file but I still cannot see the drop down menu.

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    Thank you Lylibiri. I actually did both Cleared Cache and Cleaned Preferences but I still cannot see the menu. I don't have access to a second screen today.

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    Thank you Rod!

    I've tried this and brought all objects to the front. But the field that needs to catch focus and that is behind the Highlight area remains under this grey smart shape. So this solution doesn't seem to work for my situation.

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    Here's my take on this:

    'Rapid' is an entirely subjective term.  Rapid in comparison with WHAT?  I once worked on a mining company that had something called the Rapid Growth Project.  Phase 1 of that project was supposed to take three YEARS (and there were several phases after that).


    I remember what Captivate was when it first came out at version 1.0.  At that time it was a bare bones simple tool, produced by a company called Macromedia (who had bought it off another company called eHelp...who bought it off.. etc).


    But we e-learning developers were NOT satisfied with that bare bones functionality.  We demanded more and kept asking for this feature and that feature to be added to the tool.  Macromedia responded, and so did Adobe after they bought out Macromedia.


    Several versions later we're still demanding new things be added (as well as old bugs get fixed) in Captivate.  By nature we e-learning developers are a very difficult bunch of people to please because we never seem to feel any of these 'rapid e-learning authoring tools' are rapid enough, or have just the right set of features.


    If Captivate has become too complex or feature laden, I think WE have to share a large part of that blame.  Try making a list of things you want taken OUT of Captivate and see if it's not a lot shorter than the list of things you want put INTO it.

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    When I tried this with my Captivate 2017 it didn't show a drop-down menu from the Advanced Actions dialog.  It opened up an Open file dialog from which I could navigate to an audio file on my system.  I think it's that dialog you cannot find, not a drop-down.

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    OK.  Perhaps I misunderstood.  I thought your text field was perhaps a Text Entry Box object that was sitting above a background.  Is that NOT the case?  When you say the 'field' that needs to catch focus, are you talking about a TEB or something else?

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    Thanks for responding!


    I figured it out this morning. My monitor displays had changed somehow. So it was saying to extend the monitors. Once I changed that back, it works fine!



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    That's right. Perhaps it's an Open file dialog in Cp17, I think the drop down in previous versions. I saw a presentation on the YouTube and thought it's a drop-down, but it could be that the presenter was using an older version of Captivate. In either case, I cannot see this Open file window and it drives me mad

    Thanks a lot.

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    I have a software simulation that has to guide new users through the fields they need to fill (I use highlight box). I use smart shape to give more information on that field or whatever button user needs to click.

    So it's a product tour with not many objects on the slide and one rectangle that needs to remain not dimmed. I need something like a smart shape with a rectangle hole in a certain place.

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    I apologize for this long confusing thread.


    I do understand Branching. My explanation was confusing and I'm sorry about that.

    From what I believe some of you were trying to explain (and correct me if I am wrong), was that if I used actions it would allow the next button to jump to a slide. Is the bottom diagram correct in explaining this? If this is the case that sort of action is above my skill level right now.


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    I continued to have this issue after many varied attempts and research of the technical requirements vs. those of my machine. After finding that my machine met (or exceeded) all requirements I opened a chat with Technical Support.


    According to the technical support agent, this is a known issue having to do with screen resolution and the scale of the project. It had nothing to do with the length of the audio clips per slide, what program I was recording audio with, etc.


    If others are running in to this problem, changing the scale of my project to a standard vs. custom size solved both the runtime error I was receiving and the audio doubling. It's unfortunate that this known issue hasn't been communicated. It's also unfortunate the visual quality of my project had to be reduced to publish correctly.

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    Lilybiri  wrote


    Please, try to answer the questions.  Can you create those three groups I was talking abut, maybe there are only two groups from what you wrote. Forget about those buttons for a moment: you can have a Next button that is jumping to a totally different slide than the Next slide. This is what you have to do, but you must have a proper flow chart, not the one you showed with duplicate slides. Have no duplicate slides, but all the slides. Put them in the right sequence. Indicate on each slide whether it has to be visited by the Non-manager group or not.  You can even use a table, no need for a flow chart. If you can show that table, will be able to give you the actions you'll need.




    For the first slide you have to capture indeed a value for a user variable. How did you set it up? Do you ue a Text Entry Box or do you want radio buttons?

    Lilybiri your conditional actions above make a lot of sense. Now I have to learn how to create them.

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    Thank you for your response... yes, I misspoke and it was that Captivate wasn't capturing my mouse clicks as "correct" responses, so I am having to manually add click boxes where they need to be and then adding a success, failure and hint box... if there is a more automated way to do this, please let me know... the  automated capture wasn't capturing everything.  And thanks again!

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    I have 2 out of 15 courses that will no longer play like a project.  For both, I had run a preview and identified a couple of things to be fixed (adjust audio, replace a slide).  When I did the final preview, the course would reach a particular slide and that slide wouldn't play.  Once this happened, none of the slides would play and the TOC says 00:00 out of 00.00, like the project no longer exists.  However, all of the slides are still there with their audio, and will play using "play this slide".  Any ideas on what is happening?

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    I am creating a SCORM 1.2 package in Captivate 2017v10.0.0.192 for PC


    The package loads and tests fine on It will load to my LMS (BizLibrary) but when I try to launch I receive this error from the LMS:


    Launch Issuse Screenshot.jpg

    I have contacted BizLibrary support and this is what they are telling me:

    - - -

    In attempt to put this in English for you. Upon course launch we receive the error below:




    <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key> CourseImages/8db8fa5e-3f97-4e2e-8855-d28ab1115738/Content/index_SCORM.html








    What the error is saying is the specific key (URL for Course Files) does not exist in the course. The system is looking for the path in the course build, so basically a folder in the build of the course called Content/followed by a file within that folder called index_SCORM.html  (this is a file that should automatically be generated during the publish of a SCORM 1.2 course)


    The first part (courseimages/numbers) is only used for our system on the back end and is irrelevant to the client.


    So basically they need to revisit the build of the course and ensure that the path noted above is correct and files are present.

    - - -

    I am not savvy enough to understand what needs to be moved where to make this package launch properly. It doesn't make sense to me that it would launch properly in scormcloud but not in the LMS. I'd appreciate any insight the Adobe hive-mind might provide!

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    I know the answer now!

    It's Highlight Box with grey fill and some lower opacity than 100% + selected check box Fill Outer Area.
    I'm using Captivate for a week only, so i didn't know it. Sorry for bothering you all here

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    We figured out how to change the state of a play button to pause, but can you change it back to pause again?

    We are trying to create custom navigation buttons for a course using fluid boxes.  Can that be done?

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    thanks, this saved me hours and lot of frustration. have over 1000 images and this will cut some time.

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    When I went to download AME from inside the CC App with my Adobe ID it only prompts to download as a trial... so I guess I'll see how long that'll last me with AME 2018.  After downloading the app I no longer get the "not installed/damaged" prompt like before (I had not installed the desktop app or even been on the CC site prior to your mention - was hoping to stay off it with this standalone Captivate purchase) and was able to get it moving.  Granted, Captivate will show an attempt to encode from the Progress Indicator window but it sits there stalled out with no progress.


    So... I've been going into AME 2018 and encoding from there and dropping the videos in that way.  It doesn't appear that the built-in CS6 version is doing much of anything.  Going back to the downloaded files from when I purchased/downloaded it from Office Depot's website, I see the in-house AME in the payloads folder.  It's there but I don't see what further can be done at this point.


    AME Issue 2.PNG

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    I know this thread is probably ended, but I think I might understand the error in my original diagram. There is only one path, (manager and non manager) sharing the same next button. That's the problem for me. The next button that is shared by the Manager Path and Non Manager Path has to show all of the slides for the Manager Path while eliminating slides for the Non Manager Path. However, they are the same Path.  Hope this is a little clearer.


    I thank you all for trying to help. 

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    Maybe if you had read my answer, this was what I mentioned as the easiest way:


    "The HIghlight box can be used while the outer area is dimmed, "



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    That is a very confusing question, I suspect something else (terminology?). Buttons can have inlbuilt states and custom states, and that is possible in any project, responsive (fluid boxes or breakpoint views) or not. But there is no link whatsoever between states of a button and its Pausing point? Can you please try to explain what you want really? You can have a look at this blog post:

    Pausing Captivate's Timeline - Captivate blog

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    If it loads in SCORM Cloud, which is THE standard for SCO's, it means that nothing is wrong with the Captivate published file, but you'll have to talk with the LMS people. Tell them that it runs fine in SCORM Cloud.

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    That reallly looks to be a corrupted file. The corruption is probably on that particular slide. Create a new file with the same resolution and using the same theme. Copy/paste all slides before that particular slide to that new project, test if it runs OK. Try rebuilding the corrupted slide and test again. Copy/paste small bunches of slides, and test. Hoping that you can find the culprit and fixt the project.

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    You probalby recorded in Demonstration mode instead of Trainin or Assessment mode.

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    If you have several slides, you can have a button jump to any of them.

    The default is to go to the next slide but that is easy to change.

    Use the dropdown and select the Jump to slide option then you can choose from any slide that is available in the slide dropdown.

    See pics below.


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    I apologize for the confusion.  We need navigation buttons (using smart shapes) for a responsive project.  We do not want to use a navigation bar and we would like the buttons to re-size for different formats.  We would like to make the play button change states when it is used to pause the project.  We want it to go back to the original state once it is selected to play again.

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    Thank you.

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    Not sure how that URL is being built, but if you look at both of them, there is no "Content" in either.




    it's trying to go here:


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    I've told them that but they are claiming it is a file not being generated when the course is published that the LMS is looking for.

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    TLCMediaDesign The URL you're referring to is generated by the LMS. So you're saying it is something their system is doing and not how the course is published?

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    I'm just saying that if you look at the URL in the image you posted, there is no "Content" folder in it. The error maessage says it's look for a different path with content in it.


    The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key> CourseImages/8db8fa5e-3f97-4e2e-8855-d28ab1115738/Content/index_SCORM.html

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    Ok - I will be frank. Once.


    I sometimes consider bowing out of this community altogether.


    I enjoy trying to help people and, no doubt, there are times when it can be challenging to get on the same sheet of music so to speak, it comes with the territory, but of all the communities I have participated in over the years on a variety of subjects - I have never felt more unwelcome or more insulted than in this one. No. Really. I mean that.


    One beauty of a community is the variety of viewpoints and methods of accomplishing the same thing that are offered. It can allow those who come with questions an opportunity to ponder the alternatives and move forward with something that works for them.


    I do not know everything there is to know about Captivate but I do consider myself fluent with something to provide. My observation has been that the consumers here are many but the providers are few. I have seen some providers come and go. We need them all. Everyone brings a little something different to the table that can benefit all those who come to visit and learn.


    Captivate needs a community like this that thrives but this one will fizzle if the atmosphere isn't right and the contributions and contributors are kicked to the curb. If someone is flat out wrong - that is one thing but I am confident that Rod's suggestions along with my own were fair attempts at addressing a question with some information gaps and did not deserve to be minimized. We are not trying to push you out either.


    Perhaps I misunderstand because I do not know you well - if so - I apologize but would request clarification on your choice of words.

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    TLCMediaDesign Groovy. So any ideas how to fix it? They also sent this in a previous email: 

    Additional message from the LMS:


    Thank you for contacting our support team reference your custom course launch.  Upon looking into your issue it appears that the

      Course is  not packaged correctly, we recommend to work with course author on the custom course pacakge to ensure index_scorm.html is at the root along with imsManifest file.  Once this is corrected the system will correctly launch the course. You are receiving the error because the system is looking for a specific file not present.


    So this, to me, reads like I need to package the course differently but I'm not sure exactly what needs to be changed. I REALLY appreciate your help.

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    English isn ot my native language. I had already decided to step awya and should better not have reacted anymore at all. Why would I insult someone who tries to help. My focus is on the OP, this thread was getting out of hand, he couldn't follow anymore. Be sure, next time you get in I will step away immediately since you feel that way.


    I wanted to get out, because I know thie OP rather well, and felt he was getting confused. For many users and questions it is a plus-value if several solutions are offered, and be appreciated.  In this threadit was very difficult to see the exact picture, have asked several questions where some never were answered. Three different approaches were offered, with - what is normal -  in a difeent way and did lead to confusion, not only for the OP but for all those trying to help. I had in mind the first reaction in the thread of the OP: I have no time to read an article, this has to be solved quickly.


    When I finally figured out that there were no slides for one of the groups, that just skipping was needed another solution was offered by Rod who did ignore that there were no extra slides for the Non-Manager group. In the start of the thread.

    0 0

    I left the thread because seeing three different solutions in different wording was confusing you.

    Second reason: I never got an answer on 'how will you populate that variable that defines if the learner is a manager or not'.

    Contrary to the other users who wanted to help, I had understood the difference between the Manager branch and the other branch and offered a solution. In the beginning I believed you had slides that were only for Managers (which is indeed the case) and slides that were only for Non-Managers (which is not the case). That means that both can follow the same sequence of slides and that the only action to make is to skip the Manager-only slides for the Non-Managers. But it took indeed a while.

    0 0

    To be clear - I am not asking you to step out. Ever.

    0 0

    If it is better for the OP, I will always step out.

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  • 03/23/18--13:52: Adobe captivate
  • I have been advised by my lecturer to buy version 2 as it is ideal for first time users. Secondly amazon is selling without an operating system. Will it run on my MacBook Pro 2017 model Touch Bar sierra 10.13. Please advise before I spend $347. Thanks.  Charley Cain

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    Screens contains of
    - Synchronized video wich ends with a still-image for some seconds.
    - Button for "go to next screen" wich appears a few sevonds before the end of the video with stop-function 1 Second before end of the video

    So the still-image at the end of the video is shown at the end of the screen, waiting for the user to press the button to proceed to the next screen.

    Export as HTML worked quite fine in any tested browser:
    Good internet connection: video plays, when reaching stop-point defined in the button the video stops. Click to the button leads to next screen.
    Poor internet connection: load-symbol appears, video plays some seconds then stops, load symbol appears, video plays some seconds, ..., when reaching stop-point defined in the button the video stops.
    This way it does with Chrome on any tested systems, Firefox on any tested systems, Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and Edge on Windows 10. Everything is OK and fine.


    Now someone told me about problems with Internet Explorer on Windows 10. Until this i thought Win10 has only Edge as system-browser. Well, it has hidden also Internet Explorer and some companies really still use it.

    It does not exactly the same on each try. Most times the video plays without stopping AND above it a load-symbol appears from time to time or even while playing the whole Video long.
    Build and exported with Captivate 2017 the main-problem is the overlay of the "load"-symbol; it ends with a black field where the video should be and the button.
    Build and exported with older Captivate-Version 8 (where the project ones was done first) it sometimes goes on without the load-symbol and even seems to work, but in most cases it also shows the load-overlay and at least the whole think freezes even without showing the button and the user can not do anything further.


    For me it seems to be more a problem of the Microsoft-system and browser than one of Captivate. But in any case it has to work on the systems used by the customer and perhaps somebody also here knows how to fix it.