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    I have built a rather large glossary as part of a CBT course (~3,000 lines of xml).  The xml imports just fine, and when viewing the widget contents in edit mode, everything appears to be fine.  However, when it is published, the widget body does not display.  I only get the orange box [X] to close the glossary to show up on the screen when the glossary is accessed.  Is there a limit to the number of terms that can be contained in a glossary?

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    I'm building a lesson in Captivate 7 that has a knowledge check to which the learner types an answer in a text field. The learner then clicks the Forward button to see the answer on the next slide. Any time in the lesson after that, if the learner hits the Back button and goes back far enough to get to that knowledge check slide, he/she will see their input answer to the question. I've noticed the same thing happens when I use any widget that calls for user input, like the sticky note feature. Go back to that slide, and the input text is still there. Is there any way to make the learner's text input disappear once a learner has gone on to subsequent slides?



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    Hi All,


    I converted a project from CAP 9 to Cap 2017 with CC and now the text position is above the bottom of the screen. I would like the text to be at the very bottom like it is in Captivate 9 as you can see in the third and last screenshot. The second screenshot shows the CC settings in Cap 10, I am unable to change the Y axis to over 95% even if I change the text size to smaller and cannot change the HT either. Any ideas? Also, are there any custom system variables to customize the position of the CC text anymore? I know if I create my own CC button that there is a toggle on/off system variable. Also, what if any third party software are you using for CC in Captivate?

    Thank you,




    Cap 2017 closed captioning when previewing project.


    Cap 2017 closed captioning settings.


    Cap 9 closed captioning when previewing project.

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  • 07/21/17--11:24: Multi SCORM Package
  • How can I do if I´m packing a Multiple SCORM Package and I also want the table of content to come up? But,  as it finishes the first content, I need that the next content comes up automatically without me having to click on the table of content.

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    When I publish to HTML 5 with skins on this is what is happening to my slides:


    Anyone have any idea one why this is happening and two how do I change this.



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  • 07/21/17--11:40: Object Style Manager
  • We have just loaded Captivate 2017 and are unable to access the Object Style Manager.  It is on the Themes menu as a selection, but won't load.  We were able to access it once and changed our default text boxes and buttons, saved them and then it "bombed out" and wouldn't load again.  Anyone else have this problem?

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    I'm using the Change State Of action on a button to swap an image state - an image changes states when that associated button is clicked. I would like the image to swap when user ROLLS OVER the button, rather than when user CLICKS the button - - possible? if so, how? thank you

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    I ran and Update and fixed the problem. Hopefully it doesn't screw up my old settings

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    Rollover is not an event,to trigger an action,  except when you use the  rollover area of a rollover slidelet. Since rollovers are not supported for HTML5 output, I don't expect this to change soon (will not be functional for mobile devices at all).


    Except with JS, you can create rollover evets if you use the CpExtra widget (only for HTML5) by InfoSemantics. They have also an eventhandler widget, only for SWF output.

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  • 07/21/17--12:35: Re: Object Style Manager
  • Hmmm, first time this pops up. Can you clean the Preferences? Look in the subfolder 'utils' under the installation folder and run the CleanPreferences... file appropriate for your OS.


    Personally I never use it from the Themes menu, but from the Edit menu or with the shortcut SHIFT-F7. I suppose you tried those as well?

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    Having troubles with terminology.... Are you talking about a Text Entry Box? In that case, do you not have an option 'Retain Text' that is checked by default but can be unchecked? I don't have CP7 on this system anymore, cannot post a screenshot.


    For the second scenario: is that the TextArea widget you are talking about? In that case use the On Enter action of that slide to set the variable associated with that widget to an empty value, which can be done with a user variable v_null as I used in this article:

    Where is Null? - Captivate blog

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    For the system variable: cpCmndCC. Have a look at:

    1 action = 5 Toggle Buttons - Captivate blog

    Beware, there is a still unfixed error with a custom toggle CC button in 2017.

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    not something inherent in Captivate, but it is doable using javascript:


    add to the slide "on enter, execute javascript"



    $("#" + rollover_object_id).on("mouseover", function(){cp.changeState("state_object_id","over_state")})

    $("#" + rollover_object_id).on("mouseleave", function(){cp.changeState("state_object_id","non_over_state")})

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    Hey all,


    I have an unwanted submit button that flashes upon entry to the 2nd slide of my project, and again at about the 30 sec mark of that same slide.


    I cannot see the object anywhere on the timeline of any slide, or on the master.


    Any thoughts?



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    Hey all,


    I have a slide with a video that will pause to reveal a multiple choice questionnaire. The pause is initiated by a button which appears at a given time. Upon click, the button evaluates which of the choices (represented by buttons) have been clicked. The play head then advances after validation finds the correct combination of buttons is pressed.


    Upon revisiting the page, all of the objects will appear and vanish with their assigned animations, however the page will not pause.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 07/21/17--13:39: Re: Multi SCORM Package
  • First, be sure you test this in the LMS you're going to deliver to. Many LMS products will just break-up a multi-sco package into separate lessons.

    Otherwise, can't you setup a table of contents in the packager? I haven't worked with it in a long time now...

    If you can, then you can try to have a 'navigate to file' action on the last slide of a lesson, point to the next lesson. However, I don't know if the TOC will allow that.

    Additionally, for the LMS to truly support a collection of different scorm files in one package, it has to be SCORM 2004 and support a specific feature (I can't recall it at the moment)...because each SCORM file will 'initiate' the scorm API. So if your LMS doesn't support multi-packages properly, it'll see multiple 'initiates' and throw an error.


    So before you get too far in ideal setup, be sure you test a basic package in the LMS first. The mult-sco package may not even be supported the way you envision.

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    You have to give more details. Which version are you using? Is the video inserted as MultiSynchronized video? Can you post a screenshot of the advanced actions you are using? A screenshot of the timeline would help as well. Since it is on revisit, that means that you didn't reset the original situation with the On Enter event of the slide.

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    To remove the flash of unformatted text, I added the script I mentioned above to the index.html file within C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 2017 x64\HTML.  The index.html file in that folder acts as the boilerplate/construct for all published Captivate files, so I assumed if I add it there it will do the work for me before the project loads.


    That file has a line of code near the end of it that reads: document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(script);
    I believe it's at line 115 if you're using a code editor.  If you place the script I mentioned above just above that line of code, it will add the CSS file before the project loads.


    You'll need to make sure you nest it properly within the code, but that was the best fix.  Now I'm set for all projects going forward.  I'm having my team test, before we cascade the solution throughout our business unit.  Hope that helps

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    Hello Lilybiri,


    Thanks for your reply.


    On the knowledge check, a text entry box appears for the learner to enter an answer into. Then he clicks an OK button. The answer appears -- it's just a text caption, not a widget. And that text caption is what I'm asking about. It remains visible and can be seen if the learner returns to that page later in the course. As a text box it does not have the Retain Text option you referred to. In the Timing section, I have the text box timed to appear Display For "Rest of Slide". Even when I set it to a specific time so that it disappears while I'm on that slide, it still shows up when I return to that slide.I don't see any control that would force it to "turn off" and I wonder if there is a magic bullet I don't know about. Thanks, again :-)

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    Yes, you will need to create the fonts.css file.  It won't show up on it's own.  It uses the @font-family CSS property.

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    Indeed problems with terminology. A TEB is not the same as a text caption, which you use as a message showing up probably using the command 'Show'..

    Use the On Enter event of the slide to hide that text caption. If you control the visibility of an object with Show it will remain visible until you hide it again.

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    How do you know it is a Submit button of a TEB?

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    I have a couple Captivate 8 projects in which the audio for slide 2 (text to speech voice) begins near the end of slide 1. I have tried possible solutions which didn't work, such as extending the length of slide 1 after the audio ends, and adding a button which forces the user to press the button before the movie advances.  All that happened was the audio for slide 2 still began on slide 1, but after the button was pushed.  This does not happen on subsequent slides, just for slides 1 and  2. Any ideas what might be causing this? 

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    Hey Lily,


    Thanks for getting back you me so fast.


    I suspect it as a TEB because of the shape, font size, and text within.

    I do not remember making a custom shape into a button like this, or inserting a button from interactions and modifying it.


    My captivate version is




    PS. I understand you are a Civil Engineer, that's awesome! I am studying civil and environmental Eng in Utah.



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    Hey Lily,


    My version is


    The video is MultiSynched. Following are the advanced actions and timeline respectively.


    Screenshot (2).png

    Screenshot (3).png

    Screenshot (1).png

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    Can you have a look at this thread: Captivate 9 - Audio Problem


    Oops, I answered in French, but look at the screenshot which I posted: leave a small gap before and after the audio clip to avoid the kind of problem you got.

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    All submit buttons have the same style.


    You can look in the Advanced Interaction panel (F9) where you have TEB's.

    What happens when you change the sequence of slides, is the Submit button remaining on the same slide or moving?


    PS: Graduated as civil engineer (Belgium) quite a while ago... was only woman  with 500 guys.

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    I see only part of the timeline, don't even see where the pausing occurs. This article could be useful:

    Pausing Captivate's Timeline - Captivate blog


    .Moreover, do you not know how to use the Preview button in the Advanced Actions dialog box? It is the first button in the control panel top right, will show you the complete conditional action. Difficult to read if you only post screenshots of the whole app window. I cannot understand that action without full explanation.


    I suspect this action is triggered by a Success event of a button? Do you use the On Enter event of the slide to reset all the variables, and hide what should be hidden?

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    Thanks.  I had tried this, but it didn't work.  I ended up attaching the audio to a white highlight box which doesn't appear until about 1 second into the second slide.  I don't know this problem suddenly started, but putting in the highlight box solved the problem. 


    I appreciate your help.

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    I can account for all objects listed on the advanced interaction spreadsheet.No sign of a rouge submit button.


    When I change the order of the slides, I still see the button flash on/off upon entry into slide 3 and at about the 30 sec mark.

    I will not see the button again upon reentry to slide 3.


    PS. 500 guys, that's crazy! Happy to report the girl/guy ratio seems to be approaching 1... especially in my upper level classes and in the office where I work.

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    Not in Belgium, Civil Engineer is a very tough master here, girls are only about 5%.


    In that case I would recreate that particular slide, It looks very simple, you can find the assets in the Library. It is not a recorded slide?

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    You created object audio, that has some drawbacks however. You cannot use CC with them. I tried to explain most of it in several articles:

    Audio Objects: Control them! - Captivate blog

    Pausing Captivate's Timeline - Captivate blog

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    Oops, Sorry for the bad non informative screen caps.


    I do not know how to use preview button in advanced actions. Having trouble finding the control panel.

    I will read over the link you sent.


    Where can I find the "On Enter" option for the slide?

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    I described all functionality of the 2017 Advanced Actions dialog box. There are some differences, but you'll find the description of that control panel:

    Advanced Actions Dialog box in Captivate 2017 - Captivate blog


    As for the On Enter Slide event: look in the Properties panel of the Slide, tab Actions. All events for actions are listed in this article:

    Events and (advanced) Actions - Captivate blog

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  • 07/21/17--16:08: Video format in Captivate 9
  • Inserting video into my Captivate course. Getting an error message w/a MP4 file -- The file you have specified is incorrect or invalid. Ensure that you specify a valid file.

    Can anyone provide suggestions?

    Many thanks,


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    The .MP4  video container is a very diverse format. The first thing I would check is that you are using an .MP4 format that Captivate can handle. I would recommend re-encoding the file using Adobe Media Encoder. Make sure the re-encoded file is H264. While re-encoding also make sure the video resolution will fill into your project.

    If the H264 MP4 file doesn't work, try re-encoding to .AVI just to see if it will work.

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    To add a little more... Video formats have to components; the codec and the container.

    AVI, for example, is a container. An AVI movie can be compressed with a variety of codecs.

    MP4 is indeed diverse as it can be a container...and there is also an actual (variety of) codec.


    What Rollin suggests above is correct - you want an MP4 video (container) with the h.264 codec.

    MP4/h.264 is the globally supported HTML5 format to - so an easy way to see if your video is formatted the proper way is to just drop it onto an open (current) browser window. If the browser gives you the option to immediately play it, it's likely MP4/h.264. If it's not, the browser will try to download it, or ask you to pick a player.


    If the video plays right in the browser, it's probably fine and the issue may lie elsewhere.

    If it doesn't, running the video through Adobe Media Encoder is a good solution to try to convert the video to that proper MP4/h.264 format...and as Rollin notes, be sure the dimensions are proper for what you need (AME likes to use presets so be sure they're correct for what you want).

    Hope that helps

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    Hi all,


    I am using TTS to narrate my pages. A few of my pages will be using drag and drop games and I was wondering if it is possible to narrate the success/failure messages that appear when the submit button is clicked.


    Currently when the user has done their dragging and dropping, they click submit and a nicely styled message comes in to confirm the result of their selection. Neither of the messages are narrated currently & I can only see the option of adding audio which will allow me to import a mp3/wav or record my own.


    Can I use TTS to read these messages??


    Many thanks

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    Use Slide notes to create TTS. The audio will automatically be added as

    slide audio but will also be in the Library. Delete the slide audio and add

    the audio clip from the Library to the feedback message.

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    Thanks Lilybiri, you have no idea how much new ideas this solution brings for my products. When I played around a bit with it I will share some stuff here.

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  • 07/23/17--07:32: Re:  Play button on iPad
  • Thanks Lilybiri

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    Brilliant thank you!

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    Hi Guys,


    I am building a course with a main menu that has three large smart shape buttons. The first two buttons take the user to learning slides that ultimately end up back at the main menu. The third button takes the user to the test slides.


    What I want is for the third button to be disabled by default and unlocked when the user has been through the entire learning slide set (or at least visited the last slide of each). Is this kind of thing possible with Captivate? I would assume I would need a global Boolean variable for locked/unlocked and the ability to disable/enable the button depending on its value.


    Any advice on how I can achieve that is greatly appreciated.

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    Busy writing a blog post about Library, which is a such a great tool but not well known.

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    Create two (Boolean) variables: one for each learning slides section: v_one and v_two. Default value = 0.

    I suspect you have a Back button at the last slide of those sections to go back to the dashboard/main menu? Replace the simple action 'Jump to' by a standard action (can be a shared action as well, but since you use it only twice, duplicate advanced actions are fine):

       Assign v_one with 1      v_one has to be replaced by v_two for the second section

       Jump to Dashboard


    Create a conditional advanced action to be triggered by the On Enter event of the dashboard slide:

      IF v_one is equal to 1   AND

          v_two is equal to 1

        Enable Bt_Test                    which is the button to jump to the assessment



         Disable Bt_Test


    0 0

    yes it is possible. I guess there are several ways. One I tried myself wich works:


    - Name your Button, let's say "but_menue_3"*
    - Also set two variables, let's call it "lection1"* and "lection 2"* and give it the Startvalue "0"*


    - Make an advanced action and use it when main menue is reached:
    If "lection1" == 1 AND "lection2" == 1 show "3but_menue_3"
    else hide "3but_menue_3"


    - Make an advanced action and use it when the last screen of lection1 is reached:

    "lection1" == "1"

    - Make an advanced action and use it when the last screen of lection1 is reached:

    "lection2" == "1"


    Alternative set an semi-transparent object above the 3rd Button and hide/show this in the reverse way you show the 3rd Button in the 1st solution. So the user sees that there is a button but can not use it until both lessons are done.


    * Sure you can use other values if you like.

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    Want to warn about your last solution: covering an interactive object with a static object is only working for HTML5 output, because for SWF output the interactive button remains interactive. Moreover this would cause issues when using normal Fluid Boxes (in CP2017) because no objects can be in same location.


    OP asked not about hiding but about disabling the button, hence my proposition which I posted immediately. Hiding/showing is no guarantee that the button, especially a shape button, will be disabled/enabled. Those are different functionalities.

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    You're right. I it's true, I only did it this way for HTML5. And if I knew you were on I even did not try to help. Feel free to delete my perhaps even confusing solution.

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    No, it is fine to try to help, I only felt that I had to warn about covering up an interactive object. Do not feel frustrated, please, users can learn from everyone.