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  • 09/21/17--07:03: Re: Popup blocker message
  • I tried to explain that since this is the first time I heard about such an issue, it seems to be something specific to your system/setupµ. That makes it tough to try to help.

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    I have uploaded Captivate 9 published scorm 1.2 packages over our LMS but the package is loading perfectly on some system and on some system it just show the loader or it loads the quiz question and gets hanged or loads the quiz question without submit button and options.


    I had word with the LMS vendor regarding the same and he asked to check with adobe with sharing the attached screenshot. Has anyone came ac-cross such issue, if yes then please help me overcome this issue.




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    You're going to need to use a program like Dreamweaver or TextPad to find: http: and replace with https:

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    You are correct. At first it started out as a question for software simulation then I got careless and included video demo.

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    I create my drag and drops using jQuery-ui and include the touch punch library to enable dragging on mobile devices.


    Not sure how Captivate does it, but you almost always need an external JavaScript library for dragging on mobile.

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    You can insert a cpvc directly as a slide in a cptx, or you can publish it to mp4 and insert the mp4 output as a video. What did you do?

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    You posted this same question 3 times on older threads. If you want help, please start a new thread and give some details about your problems: used version, used OS, how did you test, which tablets did you use for testing...

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  • 09/21/17--13:02: Re: Pan on Simulations
  • Did you insert it as a raw cpvc slide or the published mp4?

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    I answered this in the other thread you started.


    Yes upgrade to Cp5 or 6 and then again to Cp9 if you can.  I no longer have any Cp5 files on my system to test.  I've upgraded all of my earlier client projects to at least Cp8 to avoid losing the ability to edit them if the clients ever want to.

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  • 09/21/17--14:19: Re: Pan on Simulations
  • It was inserted as the raw cpvc file.

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    Thanks again! I'll plan to update earlier versions of Captivate files.

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  • 09/21/17--14:28: Re: Pan on Simulations
  • Can you not upload to a webserver?

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    All you really have are the options under Edit > Preferences > Recording > Defaults.  Anything above and beyond that you have to manually change after the objects are created.


    Log an enhancement request with Adobe if you would like to see more options, but don't hold your breath.

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    Hi Nagendra,


    I have sent you an personal message regarding the issue. Request you please reply, so we can help you further.



    Ashish Kumar

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  • 09/21/17--15:19: Re: Pan on Simulations
  • Sorry, what do you mean by webserver?

    This is to be a video tutorial that staff can launch from our intranet site.  I have loaded it to our intranet and have experienced the same problem.

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    I connected with Adobe support and got a package made. That package installed correctly though it was installed manually and it allowed users to check for updates.


    It have come across some web pages that suggest to install Adobe CC package without MSI logging.


    I will try

    A) Installing the package adoobe expert made via SCCM

    B) Creating a new package which has the update option disabled.

    C) Installing the package created in C using SCCM.


    Best regards,

    Nagendra Pratap Singh

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  • 09/21/17--17:09: Re: Pan on Simulations
  • I took a look at the project and previewed it, and it looked ok. I then took a look at your last publishing settings and realised that it's setup to publish as an SWF project. The result would create a folder containing five files:

    • Captivate.css
    • People Hub Video.MP4
    • Standard.js
    • Welcome to the People Hub.htm
    • Welcome to the People Hub.swf

    You would need to upload all five of these files to a location that is set up as a web server. Your company intranet might be set up as a web server, however, I have worked at organisations where the company intranet is a series of web pages on a content management system (not always the same thing). Your link would be to the HTM file, and it would call upon the other files as needed. Without a web server, your video may not get run.

    Another issue is that when publishing to Flash as your project is set up to do, could be in violation of your companies web site policies. It's not uncommon that companies have banned the continued use of flash. In which case you might want to publish your project to HTML5. In fact, when I run it in the new Edge browser from Microsoft I get a message about flash being disabled.

    I think the best solution would be to work with someone from your IT department to assist in setting up a proper location and determining the correct format for publication.

    I tested the published version of your project on my web server and was able to run your project without any problems.

    Welcome to the People Hub

    Of course, I will delete it once you've looked at it.

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  • 09/21/17--17:37: Re: Pan on Simulations
  • Hello Paul,


    thank you for taking the time to look at the file.  Unfortunately, the link you have provided is not working for me (maybe something at my end).


    I will speak with my IT for their assistance.


    I am a bit confused by your opening paragraph, though, as I had selected Video, not SWF, when I originally published the file, so that a MP4 file be published.  I had created another project only the previous day with the same object, and slide/video make up, and was successfully able to produce a playable MP4 file.


    This one has me stumped.




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  • 09/21/17--19:32: How do I make a complaint?
  • Can you help with Adobe problem

    I'm desperate at this point to speak with someone in Corporate to make a complaint. I still have my technical problem, but I adamant about speaking with Corporate. Please please help me to get in touch with right people. Why Adobe has made this harder than breaking into a bank, I will never understand. I hope you have a kind and empathic heart that will guide you to helping me!  I have been at this all day!!!!

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    This has been answered here:

    Storyline to Captivate?


    Of course, the answer is - You Can't

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    Hi Adobe Captivate Community,


    I   have been on the eLearning development for only 7 months so I'm quite new so any tips from you guys would be very much appreciated. 

    Currently using Adobe Captivate 9  and I have completed a quiz which I would have to repeat for a different language, only some of the components (of the other slides) needs to be changed/translated leaving the quiz slides untouched.

    My concern is about the Interaction ID, Objective ID, and how duplicating an entire project would affect the learners as both outputs would be uploaded on our LMS.  I have noticed that when I duplicated the file the Interaction ID is the same for both files.

    Is simply adding a prefix to the Objective ID of the quiz do the trick? or do I have to manually edit the interaction ID? or both? ( I have about 200 quiz questions)

    Thank you very much in advance for your comments on this question

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  • 09/22/17--00:40: Re: GeoLocation variable
  • Paul, this is really a good explanation.


    Is there a way to read an external API to show info in Captivate course and submitting the response/feedback for same.


    For example, I would like to validate the user while s/he taking the course. For this, I have 10 question which user have t submit before enrolling/starting the course. While taking the course these questions will come randomly with input text filed to submit the answer. If answer matched with a previously submitted answer than you can continue with the course.



    Pankaj Srivastava

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    I recently re-exported all my SCORM files as HTML5 rather than SWF, as a lot of users were reporting problems with Flash. However, now, the submit buttons on all of the hot spot quiz questions are unresponsive. It hasn't seemed to have affected any of the other quiz types. Any idea how to fix this?





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    Can you please give some more details? Which version are you using now? Were those questions created in this version or have they been updated from a former version? This is the first time I see such a problem appearing in this forum. Which theme are you using? I suppose it is a normal project, not a responsive project?

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    I am not a native English speaker, maybe that is my problem. What do you mean by 'Corporate' in this case? This is the Captivate forum, are you talking about that application?

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    It's a normal project, not responsive. I am using Captivate 2017 ( I think the questions were updated from Captivate 9. it's a custom theme based on Chic.

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    I just can guess about two possible causes: upgrading is always tricky, especially with quiz slides. Themes in CP2017 (10) have changed mostly to accomodate for Fluid Boxes (all themes, also in CP9 were responsive). I wonder if that change could be the cause, because the master slide for hotspot has changed compared with CP9.


    Can you just doe a test: try to create a hotspot slide with one of the included themes in CP2017 to see if the Submit button is functional as expected?


    The other possibility is the changes made when customizing the theme. Do you have any idea about the changes made for the the quiz master slides?

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    OK, I tried making a new Hotspot slide in a new project with a 2017 theme but the submit button doesn't even appear in the export file, whether I choose SWF or HTML5.


    It's very odd!

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    I should add that it does appear in the preview file though.

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    It appears with Preview HTML5 in Browser?  For a normal project all other preview methods are Flash-based.


    Personally I usually create a custom hotspot quiz slide, never use the default type. I will try to find a moment to check it out, explored the quiz master slides in CP2017 only for responsive projects in Tips for 'Fluid' Quiz Slides - Captivate blog

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    Try creating a test HTML5 project created from the ground up in Cp 2017, with just a single Hot Spot quiz question slide and a few other slides with no content.  Test whether this project works on your LMS when published to SCORM and uploaded.  If it does, then you may need to remove and replace ALL of the hotspot questions from your other project.

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    Yes.  Add a prefix to the Interaction IDs to ensure they are unique from any other course.


    Don't forget that your SCORM data also needs to be looked at in the Manifest dialog in Quiz > Settings > Advanced.  All modules in the course should share the same Course ID data, but have unique SCO IDs.

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  • 09/22/17--03:09: License number
  • Hello,

    I have a license number for adobe captivate that I was given by my university.  I currently am using the free trial version of adobe captivate.  Does anyone know where and how I can enter the license number?

    Thanks in advance,


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  • 09/22/17--03:42: Re: Pan on Simulations
  • It gets more and more confusing. First it was a software simulation which is a cptx-file, can be published to HTML5 or to SWF or, if you don't care about interactivity to MP4. Later on you talked about a Video Demo, but inserted as a cpvc slide in a cptx-project. Probably you just kept the default setup in the cptx-file, didn't yet change it to publish to a MP4. I give up, wanted to help, but still have no idea what yiou created and how you want to publish.

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    Hi Saurav,


    When you say"We are working on the pdf. So I shall shortly send an update."


    Can you please define your interpretation of shortly?





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    Hi Brett,

    Apologies for the late response.

    Unfortunately, there is no PDF manual for Captivate 2017 release. We have stopped publishing PDFs after Captivate 9.0.2. Here is the pdf for 9.0.2.

    For help on Captivate 2017, refer the following links:

    Let us know if you need any further information.



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    Hi I have installed Captivate 9 and am publishing as PDF files. However when I open the PDF file it is one blank page. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong

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    I'm attempting to create an event where the learner scrolls through images while the button is "down", but I'm not finding any way to reference the button's down_state in Captivate.  

    Any idea how to do this?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    I just upgraded to Captivate 2017 and I am trying to download character assets.  When I click to download, I get a message saying that the character has been successfully downloaded, and the .png file is in my Documents Library under eLearning Assets/Characters_10_0/Assets.  However, when I click on Media > Assets, they are not there (i.e. Carrie, below)  Kate worked, but not Carrie?  Thoughts?


    asset files



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    Buttons, shape buttons, click boxes and Text Entry boxes have only two events, both happening when the user has clicked them (or pressed the Submit button for the TEB). What you describe is not an event. A full description of all events in Captivate can be found in:

    Events and (advanced) Actions - Captivate blog


    Rollover slidelet has two events as well, but is not supported for HTML5 output.


    If your goal is HTML5 output, the CpExtra widget by InfoSemantics (not included with Captivate) allows to create more events. Same can be done with the Eventhandler widget by InfoSemantics for SWF output. Of course, JS is the alternative to have more events.

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    THe created PDF will be an interactive PDF, which means that you need to install the Flash Player plugin for Adobe Reader. It is no longer installed by default since a couple of versions.

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  • 09/22/17--08:58: Text Entry Box Values
  • I am trying to create a training software simulation in which users will need to fill in online forms with names and emails, obviously this will change based on the user.


    How do I manipulate the text entry box so that any value the users types is acceptable?  For instance, If I type Brian I can move on and if someone else types Jill it is still accepted by captivate.

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  • 09/22/17--09:10: Re: Text Entry Box Values
  • A Text Entry Box can be used with and without validation. In your case it should be without validation. Since you probably do not want that they submit an empty field, you can create an advanced action that checks that, and shows a message when the entry is empty. The way to do that is described in this old article  (you need a Flash enabled browser to watch the movie):

    Where is Null? - Captivate blog


    The logic is still the same, but I don't know which version you are using? The dialog box for Advanced actions changed in CP2017, screenshots will look different.


    Another possibility is to replace the Text Entry Boxes by Scrolling Text interactions. I used that approach in this example:

    Custom Short Answer Question - Captivate blog


    All fields that are filled in (you need a Flash enabled browser to watch the movie) are using that interaction.

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    Tried it out, have the same problem: Carrie is not showing up in any category - expected her in Medecine. I have no idea why.

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    Just to add to this very useful discussion, to assign points to an individual answer you need to:

    1. Select the answer
    2. Click on the Properties tab
    3. Select Options
    4. Assign a positive value to a correct answer and negative to an incorrect one.

    This is not covered in the Adobe documentation and I have spent most of the day trying to get my head around/refresh my rusty knowledge of MCQs using either penalties or partial scoring (negative marking).CP_2017_partialscore_2017-09-22_1802.png

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  • 09/22/17--10:14: Re: GeoLocation variable
  • Thanks for the feedback. Can I suggest that you ask your question in a new question instead of putting inline with this thread? That will help keep the forums more organized.

    As far as your question above, I have no idea what you are asking. Try explaining what you want to do without using terms like 'external API' and so on.

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    I've got the latest version of Captivate 2017 (


    My company is using Zscaler to protect from internet threats, and it's now blocking the "Get Free eLearning Assets" window within Captivate. It's identifying the browser (which normally opens the eLearning Brothers site) as using an outdated version of Google Chrome (47.x).


    Is Captivate actually using Chrome for this window, or is this being misread by Zscaler? If it's using Chrome, it needs to be updated.



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  • 09/22/17--11:26: Custom CC button
  • I created all of the ;navigation buttons custom so I can change them as needed per slide. I am not using a playbar.


    I created the CC button both by using toggle and incrementing and decrementing the cmdcc  system variable.

    Both work on each slide but the command does not carry through from one slide to the next. So it does not work on the overall project. The user has to turn it on every slide.


    I did this with Mute/Unmute as well and it works fine. If I click mute on one slide it stays on mute until the user clicks the mute button again.


    But with CC if you click CC on the slide it turns the CC on but then it is off again on the next slide.


    The CC custom button works correctly if I have the playbar turned on with closed captioning. But I don't want the playbar turned on.


    I am using Captivate 2017 with responsive design. Is this a known bug?


    Is there a way to fix or workaround?


    If it is a bug, does anyone know approx. when a fix may be available?



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  • 09/22/17--11:29: Re: Custom CC button
  • Yes, it is a known bug, logged months ago but still not fixed by a public patch.


    There is a hotfix, you could try to contact Adobe to have that hotifx. I'm just a user. It is not up to me to give that hotfix.

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  • 09/22/17--11:31: Re: Custom CC button
  • Thanks! I will try to get the hotfix.